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What Is The Going Rate For Teaching Services Per Month And Per Hour, Please?

Look before you leap, don’t blindly accept the “going rate”

Lemmings are infamous for one thing. They blindly follow another lemming before him without considering the consequences. Have you ever wondered why they do this? Follow one another to their deaths? When a freelance teacher asks for and accepts “the going rates” for their teaching services, I wonder why.

Why are these teachers doing this? Freelance teachers have worked hard to be where they are and do what they do — and then they accept any offer like a lemming?

Freelance teachers don’t need to know what a “going rate” is.

Freelance teachers are can decide the fees they want – and they should!

Be a professional and set up your own freelance teaching service prices

As a freelance teacher, you can easily set your own prices and offer your teaching services as a professional freelance teacher. It just takes a firm decision and the determination to market your services (anywhere in the world) as a business professional.

So thank goodness for computers and the Internet – when both are working and not driving you round the bend, that is 😆 . Here is a medium and tool you can unobtrusively proclaim your teaching services – without selling your soul and without sending out hundreds of unwanted advertising (spam) emails. Just remember to charge what you feel is the value you are giving to the student or customer — and make sure it’s above your resentment number.

Why there is no need to undercharge for your freelance teaching services

And talking about charging for your services… Have you ever had a plumber or electrician do work without giving you an invoice? They feel entitled to be paid for their knowledge, expertise and presence, and so should you. Are you giving or doing anything less? Make sure you charge enough and don’t undersell yourself. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in getting your experience and qualifications.

You don’t have to undersell your services. You don’t need to drop your rates to remain competitive, either. What you do need to do is to outline a marketing strategy to ensure your livelihood as a professional teacher and trainer.

A freelance teaching market does exists

Most freelancers don’t realise their market exists; one which pays its teachers and trainers well and despite all so-called global crises. How much you can charge to reach the standard of living you want is based on your marketing efforts and the marketing tactics you decide to use. And of course, what you decide is the value of your teaching service.


Why follow blindly like lemmings and accept “the going rates” for teaching services? Freelance teachers don’t need to accept all the “going rates” they hear blindly. However, if they want to earn that standard of living they want, and a waiting list of students and customers, teachers must make an effort to market their services and make themselves visible to their students and customers.

Next Step

Start by reading the articles on the website to get the feel of what marketing is about. Each article covers a small bite-sized piece that is easily put into action. Choose the first step that feels right to you and put it into action. One tiny step after the other; know where you are going and what you are aiming to do.

You can do it. You can set your own freelance teaching prices.


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