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Do Freelance Teachers Need Business Cards?

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How To Avoid The Fate Of Most Business Cards The business of doing business with business cards An electrician told me how one of his elderly customers keeps a cork notice board hanging above her telephone, filled with neat rows of business cards (her doctor, her dentist, the plumber, and several other business cards) — […]

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Why You Should Charge Reasonable Prices For Your Private Teaching Lessons

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Why It’s Possible To Charge A Fair And Reasonable Price For Your Private Teaching Lessons When you stand at the top of cliffs, what do you feel? The pull to destruction. It’s uncanny, isn’t it? Most people feel the hypnotising suction of the abyss. It’s a nasty sensation drawing you forwards and down. Yet it […]

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On Becoming An English Teacher Professional

How to become recognised as an English teacher professional What do you need to know if you want to be recognised as a professional English teacher by your students and customers? But then again… is it really worth all your time and effort in establishing your professional profile? To be called a “professional”? Can you […]

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