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Pricing Matters


 A System to Set Your Price with Your Financial Security in Mind


Why is it so hard to determine an adequate price for your lessons?

Practical Advice for Freelance Language Teachers

Pricing Matters will appeal to upcoming teachers, but for such a wide range of knowledge, it ought to be in every teacher’s library.

This teacher resource book is not a guide on how to price your teaching services — it goes deeper than that. It’s all about self-worth for you as a teacher in a worthy profession. It’s a study of the factors that often go wrong when determining your teaching rates and prices. It’s also a motivational guide on how to overcome the internal pressures hindering teachers from finding and hitting the right ethical price before they even begin teaching their students. In the end, it’s about teachers stretching out of a personal comfort zone in order to expand their innate strengths to creating a foundation for their teaching business as well as for their own personal financial security.

What Teaching Price Should You Charge?

Janine has made a very detailed study of the problems teachers encounter, and gives brilliant solutions and vision of a way forward by thinking of teaching not as a ‘calling’, but rather as a business. It takes the novice (and experienced) teacher through the issues and problems we all encounter. It shows the wider picture of making a success of teaching as a freelance business by finding your own students, setting your hourly rates and other financial issues you need to be aware of. Whether you want to go freelancing or working for schools, it has got to be a ‘must read’ for anyone intending to make a career out of EFL teaching.

  • Work out the current price range you can (and should) charge
  • The psychological effect of your price on customers (and its influence on your teaching reputation).
  • When is the right time to raise your price (and how to raise them)?
  • How the S.T.U.D.E.N.T.S negotiating technique will raise you into being a higher paid business professional.
  • Why it’s so important you should know your Resentment Number.
  • How the Price Resistance Factor helps you calculate your prices.
  • How the Rule of 3 Fs clarifies situations when customers ask for discounts.
  • What should be covered in Work and Payment Contracts?

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The Question of Trust

Simplifying Brands and Branding for Freelance Teachers


 The Question of Trust will clarify that trust is the hidden philosophy behind a brand and the reason why it is so important to cultivate trust if you want to survive the three-year freelance teaching service fade-out.

The aim of this short book is to identify and define a personal brand, which is so critical for survival in the freelance teaching market.

There is a lot of available information about brands and personal brands, but it is mostly generalised and not at all specific to any type of product or service. This book is different in that it is written especially for freelance language teachers.

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Tell Me … What Do You Teach?

USP and Specialisation Simplified for Freelance Language Teachers


Tell Me
 What Do You Teach? will appeal to all teachers wanting to find out how to attract new students. This teacher resource book focuses on making your teaching service stand out and attracting the right customers. The key thread throughout the book is about how to attract customers. The key terminology is explained and outlined several times to make it extra clear.

This book belongs on every freelance teacher’s bookshelf.

  • The global market and your USP
  • Is a USP still important today?
  • Categories, Niches and Specialisation
  • Specialist or Jack-of-all-trades?
  • Eliciting the DNA of your teaching business
  • Identifying the USP’s uniqueness

Get yourself on the mailing list to ensure you know when it is available and be one of the first to receive an example chapter of this book. You will be able to judge whether the book is right for you.

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Time Mgt book cover

Time Management for busy Freelance Teachers

Time is the biggest governing factor in a teacher’s working life.

Your lessons are governed by time and the number of lessons dictates your income, for time equals money. Time is money they say and mismanagement of time is costly. How much will you lose if you have to postpone or cancel a coaching session or lesson, or a seminar or workshop? It can amount to a considerable sum by the end of the year.

How you control and use your time is going to influence your income. The seven typical areas listed below are fundamental problem areas that crop up regularly in teaching businesses will affect your health and your teacher’s income – your income:

  1. Wasted Time Issues
  2. Schedules and Keeping Them
  3. Deadlines
  4. Discipline
  5. Illness
  6. Burnout
  7. Holidays

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