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Quotation: “A business that doesn’t make money is just a hobby!”

Many freelance teachers fail to make a living because they lack the knowledge to price their services. They embrace self-sacrificing philosophies and allow these philosophies to rule their business.

Do you know why your students are paying you?

How much are you worth to your students? Do you know why your students are paying you?

Two important truths about your teaching business

To make a living as a freelance teacher you have to embrace two important truths:

1.   You cannot survive without making money. A business has to cover its operating expenses, salaries, social insurances and pension contributions.


2.   Selling VALUE is your most important ingredient to financial survival. Value is when you can deliver a solution to a student’s perceived needs.

The answer starts with confidence in your own skills-set and knowing why people will pay for your services.

Know why students are paying you

You need to discover why a student wants you so that you can deliver value…

There are many reasons why a student wants you, but it is a mistake to assume that you know why. You have to elicit their reasons to discover what it is that’s important to them (or not). Here are just a few examples:

Students will pay you because:

  • they need what you teach
  • they can’t do what you are teaching
  • you help them get rid of a current or potential problem
  • they’re afraid of something (at work or in their lives)
  • they can’t achieve a goal they want to reach without you
  • you’re the best teacher they’ve found (yet)

I could go on, but I think I’ve made the point. 🙂


If you know why a potential student wants you and is prepared to pay your fee, you’re one step closer to delivering value and securing a future income stream.


What Do You Think?

Do you have a student with an extraordinary reason for deciding to pay your fees?

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