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Don’t subscribe immediately. First go to the “Articles” in the menu above and explore to your heart’s content. Have fun! And don’t forget to take your coffee (or tea), something to nibble, and a pencil or pen to jot down a few notes… 🙂

Reason 1:
There are no pop ups and no squeeze pages forcing you to sign up for information.

Reason 2:
There are only 27 articles open for public viewing. The rest are hidden (or protected) and only visible with a direct link in the newsletter update. Without the link in the newsletter update, you miss out on valuable information.

Reason 3:
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Each article is another step on the road to success as an entrepreneurial freelance teacher; another step to creating your own job security with an adequate standard of living.

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What the free report is about

The Free Report – How To Find Customers And Students –

You need to think of yourself as a business. You need to think about potential private students or companies looking for your teaching service. The information in this report describes one major tool every entrepreneurial freelance teacher must have to find students and customers. It describes why this tool is a must have. This free report is yours when you register for the newsletter updates.

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(2)   When you subscribe to the newsletter, you will also receive your first free report, ‘How to Find Students and Customers.’

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