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Teaching should be an adventure. It should be interesting and meaningful. It should be something we’re all excited about. However, it should also allow us to successfully earn a decent living. If you want to have a successful teaching business, as well as support yourself and your family rather than be yet another unappreciated and underpaid teacher on the market, then it’s not just you — but we’re all — going to have to face reality and start getting practical about our teaching services and how to make a living from it.

We have to spend time learning how to become entrepreneurs, and learning how to market and sell our work. We’re in a business. We shouldn’t treat it as a hobby. We can do this together.

But what about you and your aim to reach your teaching business goals in life? How does the information on this website concern or help you?

It concerns you because…

You are the business in person and you have to think and act like the businessperson you are. In fact, you have to think as an entrepreneurial freelance teacher. And here is how the information on this website helps you start out on your new entrepreneurial teaching career.

What you need to do to start:

  1. Read the articles on the website. If you like what you see, then…
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My belief is simple: A freelance teacher can be successful – motivated – have contact – have fun – and still earn a decent living from teaching. 🙂

My aim is just as simple: Helping freelance teachers to achieve a healthy teaching business.
An entrepreneurial freelance teacher means knowing how to maintain a strong business, find all the students you want to teach, and avoid underearning by learning how to avoid under-pricing your services and survive the deadly fate of a “3-year fade out” of your business.

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