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Kaleidoscopic Magic of Internet

The kaleidoscope is an old but still magical toy that can lead anyone looking down the telescope into a world of beautiful colours and patterns. It’s a changeable, fluctuating and variable world of beauty and promise. Its attraction is greatest in the hands of the naive, or in the hopes of amateurs and dreamers. Beware! There are always opposites. Two sides to every coin. A Yin and Yan. Black and White. Good and Evil. Love and Hate. Magic and Spells.

The kaleidoscope can be magical. It can also wrap you in its spell. What kaleidoscopic spells can the Internet attract you to lose sight of your freelancing career and your health?

Kaleidoscopic traps on the Internet

The magical kaleidscopic spell the Internet can weave

The magical kaleidscopic spell the Internet can weave

A new freelancer has to be wary of the kaleidoscope effect of Internet that easily leads a freelancer teacher astray. The colours can divert your attention – even blind you – from less auspicious yet equally dark, swirling colours rippling below its bright surface. The Internet is modern. The Internet is useful. The Internet is every business person’s tool – the source for information, ideas, and possibly for success and independence, too. How and why can the Internet be dangerous to a freelance teacher? We know all about the dangers, yet we all fall for them – most of the time.

The Kaleidoscopic Time-Trap Facet

The time-trap whilst surfing on the Internet. The online chatting and the wonderful immediacy of emails. Is it necessary to answer those emails – straight away? Each new e-mail and each new answer; each new chat notice and each response you type in answer – stops you dead in your tracks. It’s the most disrupting tool on your desk. Your train of thoughts jar to a halt; the “flow” has gone. Your job at hand stops-and-starts and stutters throughout the day.

The Kaleidoscopic Money-Trap Facet

The money trap is another blinding and colourful kaleidoscopic facet on the Internet with enticing, oh-so-hard-to-resist offers. The Internet is full of seductive and tantalising offers waylaying the unwary. Normal common sense poufs into nebulous vapour. The promise of easy money, short cuts, or no effort to get at what you desire, is seductively persuasive. The promise of exclusive information and exclusive support at ridiculously low prices are the forerunners for much more expensive follow-up product or service.

The Kaleidoscopic Research-Trap Facet

On the other hand, the computer and Internet is here to stay. At least, by today’s standards it is ;-). A freelance teacher needs the Internet: Research has to be done. Emails have to be received and sent. Lessons have to not only be professionally prepared and well researched – but look professional too. Your business and marketing strategies have to be planned and maintained. And let’s not forget the accounts, the invoices to be sent and the bills that have to be paid, and of course, the tax office has to be satisfied – just to name a few examples.

…and that’s just three kaleidoscopic facets that can blind you by its colours. There are others, but these three are the most destructive to your freelance teaching business and your health. How can you use the many facetted and seductive kaleidoscopic Internet brilliance without falling prey to its spells?

How to enjoy the kaleidoscopic brilliance of the Internet – The Next Step

In one word – discipline.

Yes, the solution is simple, but it’s neither easy nor comfortable to follow – at first.

The Internet time trap:

  • Don’t check your emails all the time and let them interrupt your workflow. Don’t let your computer dictate your priorities and distract you. Turn off your email notification program feature (that annoying “ding” or screen flash that notifies you every time an email message arrives). Check your emails only at certain times of the day. For example, when you start up your computer in the morning, after lunch and an hour before you run down your computer.


  • Have you subscribed to newsletters and receive dozens of personal messages? Create a special email address for personal messages and newsletters. Only check this account once a day.
  • Reduce your time for personal online chats (IM = instant messaging) in forums and communities. During office hours use them only for answers or solutions to problems or questions you haven’t been able to find elsewhere; for example after 15 to 20-minute research.

The Internet money trap:

Is it a “nice to have” or is it “necessary”? This is the crux of the matter. Create a time distance between the persuasive offers on Internet and your final decision. Write out the need, product or service with enough details clarifying all pros and cons of the purchase on a sheet of paper, place it in the drawer and read it once a day for the next seven days. The internet website with its offer must remain tabu during this time of decision-making. After 7 days – do you still need it?

The Internet research trap:

Reduce your Internet research time to a maximum of 15 minutes. If there’s still no solution in sight, or you still don’t have enough information, ask one of your community forums to help you out. Then set yourself a definite time plan to check for feedback.

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