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Freelance, Business and Marketing Strategy Workshops
EFTT live and homestudy courses, workshops and seminars focus on guiding and mentoring freelance teachers to become successful, making freelance instruction a viable, thriving business, rather than a stressful and unreliable sideline.

All EFTT courses, workshops and seminars help to develop structured strategies to deal with problems such as:

– not getting enough students
– not retaining students
– getting students who are not the type of customer they want
– not being paid commensurate to their abilities and qualifications
– lack of job security

How will the workshops be carried out?

Live workshops:
Face-to-Face / Time: 2 to 3-day workshops / Advantage: It’s short and you get to know new colleagues personally or meet up with old friends and colleagues.
There will be the possibility of continuing as a Mastermind Group in a restricted access group in the NEST.

Live workshops:
Online workshops carried out as a separate group in the DEN (live workshop members restricted access); moderated and lead by yours truely . Similiar to face-to-face but online in the DEN. Advantage of using the power of the group for accountability. / Time: several weeks; working in your own time at your own pace.

Homestudy workshops:
Homestudy Mastermind Groups in the DEN (homestudy members only restricted access); assignments and guidance given by yours truely. Basically working alone and using the power of the group in the DEN for accountability.

The workshops are designed to avoid the overwhelm and insecurity of “going it alone.” The DEN is a place where you will find care, safety and guidance. Its a place to exchange ideas, receive and give support. It is place where we make ourselves accountable for our work and our careers. Its a place where you will discover “the Power of the Group.” And where you will discover you are not alone. Afterall, we ALL want to succeed.

You must be a registered member in the DEN.

[NOTE: Take advantage of registering for a workshop now. The registration fee for The Teacher’s Den is currently at an all-time low because of several major projects that are taking up most of my time. When these have been completed, the membership price will go up.]

At the moment, most of the eProducts, workshops and seminars are in planning or are in-the-making. If you are interested in any of these, or would like to suggest a workshop, presentation or another aspect of freelance teaching as an information eProduct, please send me an email.

Number of Workshop Participators:
I shall be accepting no more than 14 people in any one workshop or seminar.

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