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10 Cold Calling Tips For Freelance Teachers

Cold Calling Fears Actors and actresses suffer from it. Professional speakers suffer from it. What is it? Stage fright. Stage fright is when you stand in front of a task and think everything – but absolutely everything – will go wrong and you will fail and you will be sooooo embarrassed by it all. Generally, […]

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To Specialise or Not To Specialise, That Is The Question

How to decide if you should specialise in one of the four ELT skills Steve Martin has to learn the “terrible American accent” in “The Pink Panther” and engages “Sophie, the best pronunciation teacher in the world” to help. A hilarious 1.52 minutes where Sophie almost gives up teaching him “I would like to buy […]

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Why You Should Charge Reasonable Prices For Your Private Teaching Lessons

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Why It’s Possible To Charge A Fair And Reasonable Price For Your Private Teaching Lessons When you stand at the top of cliffs, what do you feel? The pull to destruction. It’s uncanny, isn’t it? Most people feel the hypnotising suction of the abyss. It’s a nasty sensation drawing you forwards and down. Yet it […]

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A Simple Method To Price Your Freelancing Teacher Services

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How do you find out the going rate for your services? Have you ever watched bats? Have you watched how they dip and curve at lightning speed using their in-build radar to ping back echoes whilst on their search for food – flying insects? Does your freelance teaching business need similar a radar device when […]

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Business English ELT students or general English ELT students?

How are business English ELT students different from general English ELT students? Have you heard the stories of children being thrown into a swimming pool in the mistaken belief that they will learn how to swim? Do you condone this as a method of learning? Whatever your answer, have you noticed how often “life” throws […]

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Are You Being Too Much Of A Generalist In ELT?

Who do you turn to if your tooth is trying to make you lose your mind? If you should have a problem with your heart – you’d go to a heart specialist not a general practitioner, wouldn’t you? Aren’t you envious of parents with computer freaks for children when you can’t get your computer working […]

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